Physician / Case Manager

Have a seriously ill patient?

Hospice might be able to help.

You may already know that hospice is a healthcare option which provides comfort and support. Hospice care is appropriate when the patient’s disease has irreversibly progressed and when treatments intended to cure are exhausted or no longer desired. Hospice admission is based on criteria specific to a diagnosis such as: Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Renal Failure, Strokes, Liver Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Emphysema, and Cancer etc. We manage care at home, in a nursing home or in an assisted living. Many patients/families wish they had been offered hospice earlier before death was imminent.

Patient’s Physical Concerns:
Once admitted the patient will be assigned a registered nurse that will: visit patient weekly and as needed, report crucial medical information to their physician, handle medication orders/refills and provide education/instruction to families. In fact, the patient and their family will have someone to call for urgent matters or questions anytime day or night. A certified nursing assistant is offered to assist with personal care like bathing and dressing; even if the patient resides in a nursing home.

Patient & Family Concerns:
We provide help with the process of caregiving and grief. A graduate level social worker is accessible for help with any need such as counseling, financial strain, power of attorney and other resources. A qualified chaplain will provide unbiased yet compassionate support and counsel in a spiritually professional manner. Our volunteers are trained to offer assistance with visitation, caregiver relief and household tasks. Currently, we offer a Grief Support Group
and Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregiver Support Groups.

Hospice will provide medical supplies and medication related to the patient’s hospice diagnosis. This might include: incontinence supplies, catheters, tube feeding, hospital bed, wheelchair, etc.

Hospice care is paid for by Medicare Part A, Medicaid, Private Insurance, and Veteran’s (VA) Benefit.


We Are Able To:

  • Provide O2 > 5 Liters at Home*
  • Manage PCA Pumps at Home*
  • Maintain Port-a-Caths & PICC Lines
  • Sustain Colostomies

We Do Not:

  • Provide Ambulance Transport to home/LTCF

We Will:

  • Meet With Patient & Family for Conference
  • Order Medical Equipment Prior to Discharge

What we need:

  • Patient Face Sheet with Primary Caregiver Phone Numbers
  • Physician’s Order & Medication Profile/New Orders
  • Supporting Documentation of Illness


The patient’s physician may remain fully involved or transfer care to one of our medical directors.

  • Wayne Barksdale, MD
  • Robert Hernandez, MD
  • Michelle Self, MD Board Certified in Hospice & Palliative Care
Amy Stewart ( email )
Director of Community Education
Terri Catlett ( email )
Community Educator