Hospice is specialized care for people facing a disease which is life-limiting. Our approach to treatment is palliative or comfort care which embraces physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Care includes support for the patient and family. It is available at home, nursing facility or assisted living.

What Is The Hospice Philosophy?
Our philosophy is that death is a unique part of life. Hospice is an option when curative treatments are exhausted or no longer desired. It is individualized care intended for at least 6 months or longer based on the disease progression and prognosis. It does not mean giving up. In fact, hospice is aggressive in pain control and symptom management. Our care also eases the spiritual and emotional issues related to the end of life. We provide education and support for the patient and their caregiver.

What Is The Hospice Concept?
Hospice focuses on quality of life—dignity and compassion. Our work is carried out by a team of medical professionals. This includes: physicians, pharmacists, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains and volunteers.

What Happens When Death is Near?

You are not alone. A nurse is on-call, everyday, 24 hours a day, nights and holidays. Instructions on what to do and what to expect are provided. Our team provides support in many ways. We are available to answer any of your questions. We are here for you in the aftermath to provide grief support or bereavement care for at least 13 months. Our agency offers three different types of support groups available to anyone in need. It is a privilege for our staff to walk this journey with you.