Testimonials | There Is A Difference.

testimonial-differenceWhen my sister Edith suffered from a severe myocardial infarction and a stroke we thought nursing home placement might be the answer. Edith never recovered. Her doctor suggested hospice. We wanted her to have the best possible care. For us, that meant bring her home.

So, my sister, Marjorie and I sold our homes to buy one together. It was down the street from our sister Vernell. Sisters should be together. We asked Hospice of Shreveport/Bossier for help and they delivered. The nurses were professional and when we called they always responded. Our nurse, certified nursing assistant, social worker and chaplain was never changed. The nurse kept our doctor updated. She also gave us instructions on how to care for Edith and explained what to expect with her diagnosis. They answered all of our questions and responded quickly to our needs.

We cared for Edith just over a year until she passed away. We were all together. Then my sister’s husband needed hospice. She realized there is a difference. It wasn’t Hospice of Shreveport/Bossier and she wasn’t pleased. There was no consistency in the staff. That’s why we asked for Hospice of Shreveport/Bossier when Margie became seriously ill.

Again, the nurse was compassionate and gave us accurate information about what to expect with that particular type of cancer. We took Margie home with their help. We couldn’t have done it without their care and support. They responded to any call I made right away. They were always reliable.

I was most impressed with the nurse when my sister passed away. She took care of everything and then sat quietly, comforting us—allowing us to talk and grieve. I’m still in touch with them today. They helped us stay together and honor both of my sister’s wishes. I would highly recommend Hospice of Shreveport/Bossier.

Warmest Regards, Mary Bates